Roofing Services

At GMI Roofing we specialize in roof repairs.  We can replace your whole roof if that’s what you need but where we really stand out is in the ability to repair your roof without making it obvious that part of your roof is newer than the rest of it.  We provide premium color matching any time we need to replace a shingle so that you don’t end up with those unsightly patches that let everyone know you had a repair done.

Spending so much time dealing with repairs and leaks also makes our crew better qualified to replace your roof because we get to see the long term effects of different installation methods.  For example many times when an installer takes a shortcut the roof roof will still function properly for several years and that installer will never know that his shortcut caused a leak.  It’s not until the shingles start to wear that a problem will develop from that short cut.  We understand how roofs age and what needs to happen at the time of installation so that your home stays protected for the life of the roof.

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